Full Stack Developer
Currently living in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia.

Capability Statement

Proven Information Technology professional with over twenty years experience in wide range of areas including manufacturing, defence, logistics and health. Ability to analyse problems, develop solutions in the latest technologies as well as work with a wide range of people with varying skill levels and backgrounds. Good communication and people skills as well as very strong technical and organisational skills.

Experienced with C#, ASP Net, Angular, HTML/Css, Javascript and Typescript.

Regular speaker at the Newcastle Coders group on Angular, HTML5, web and mobile development.

Contact Information


As well as excellent engineering, technological and organisational skills.

High levels of experience in the following skill areas:

Skill Years
Angular 5
ASP.NET/ 3.5/ Net Core 10
Javascript/Typescript, AJAX, CSS, jQuery, Knockout, jQuery Mobile 10
C# (majority websites and mobile devices) 10
Silverlight/WPF 6
Sql Server 10
Reporting Services 4
Digital Dashboards 4
Iphone 2
Android 2
Nativescript 1
Other databases (Oracle, Ingris, MySql, MS Access, RDB) 6
Other technologies – PHP and ASP 2

Work Examples

  • Angular development
  • Rewrite of the using Angular/ASP.Net Core (ongoing)
  • jQuery Mobile
  • Wanted to be able to have website running on multiple mobile devices without having to maintain different code bases. jQuery Mobile seemed well suited for this. This uses the same javascript code as the jQuery UI version, with different templates used.
  • jQuery UI
  • While the silverlight version was a success, wanted to rewrite the website and make it more interactive and use more HTML5 features, ability to run offline and run faster. Rewrote website so it used jQuery, jQuery UI, jQuery Templates and Knockout. Much easier to maintain when compared to the older ASP NET version. The design of the site was based on making it look much like the silverlight pivot viewer version.



Please contact me before contacting referees.
Hayden Shilling - Principal Software Architect
Triple Point Technology
Frith Street
Mayfield NSW 2304
Ph. 61-2-49082222
Mob 61-4-28151398

Lisa Harvey - Chief Physiotherapist for
Rehabilitation Studies Unit
Northern Clinical School,
Faculty of Medicine
Ph. 61-2-99264594
Fax 61-2-98099037

Graham Hills - Human Resources Manager, Wire Mills and Sales and Marketing
Based at Newcastle Head Office
Ingall Street
Newcastle NSW, 2304
Ph. 61-2-49355512
Mob 61-4-19242008

Other Interests

Manage website on a “pro bono” basis for Sydney hospitals. The site is primarily for the use of physiotherapists responsible for prescribing therapeutic exercises. It may also be of interest to other health professionals including occupational therapists as well as people with neurological conditions.

Uses ASP NET, Sql Server back end, C-Sharp, AJAX, XML, Web Services and javascript.


Bachelor of Chemical Engineering – First Class Honours (Adelaide, SA 1993)

Career Summary

Kip McGrath is a global franchise network with over 130 tutoring centres around Australia and over 500 centres globally. Over the past 40 years, we have helped hundreds of thousands of children improve their English, reading, writing, comprehension and maths skills.

Senior Developer : March 2015 - Present Day, Ongoing

  1. Working on developing Angular applications and support.
  2. Online centre reporting
  3. Support for legacy systems

  1. Replaced existing Silverlight/HTML system with one written in Angular with ASP.NET Core backend. Very well received by the franchises and management, significantly improved speed, reliability and assisting kids' learning.
  2. Developed online collaboration tools for teachers and students to interact.
  3. Improved reporting and management for the franchises

Writing a HTML5 jquery mobile app to track patient progress on doing exercises. Integrated with the website. Expected to be completed by Feb 2015.

Contract : Patient Exercise Tracking App : July 2014 - Feb 2015, 7 months

Writing a HTML5, jquery mobile app integrated with Phonegap for patients to manage diabetes. Expected to be in the iOS/android store by Feb 2015.

Contract : Diabetes Management Smartphone app : June 2014 - Feb 2015, 8 months

Triple Point Technology is a leading technology company providing specialist software and services to the global mining, port, power generation and bulk commodity industries.

Senior Silverlight, Web and Mobile Developer : Aug 2009 - Dec 2014, 5 years, 4 months

  1. Lead Silverlight and Web developer designing and developing system (using MVVM, Prism and a customised entity framework).
  2. Lead developer for HTML5 and Mobile Web Platforms
  3. Main developer for MVC Interface for Dynamic Data Model reporting program
  4. Support and maintenance for WPF, Winforms and services

  1. Developed the Silverlight front end for the mines to access information from the Newcastle Port Computer System.
  2. Implemented jQuery Mobile/Knockout version to allow access via mobile phones (Iphone, Android, WP7) and Tablets (Ipad etc)
  3. Ongoing performance improvements, enhancements and support.

Onesteel is a fully integrated, global manufacturer and distributer of steel and finished steel products, with revenue in excess of $6 billion Australian dollars.

Senior DOT NET Developer : Sep 2004 - Jul 2009, 4 years, 10 months

  1. Develop and manage reporting systems (C#, Ajax, ASP.NET 3.5, Sql Server 2005).
  2. Upgrade and replace old systems.
  3. Provide new interfaces to legacy systems.

  1. Designed and developed project management system used as standard for all Information Technology projects within Onesteel.
  2. Designed and developed training recording system that rapidly became the national standard and ensured that Onesteel met Workcover and self-insurance requirements.
  3. Designed and developed scorecard/dashboard system for despatch performance, production and orders control interfacing with SAP and legacy production systems.
  4. Developed web based mines reporting and management system that enabled travelling sales representatives access to all required information.
  5. Developed graphical user interface to legacy laboratory and machine data capture systems to enable improved reporting and analysis.
  6. Developed wide range of other systems including Safety, Drug Testing, and materials management.

Developed and manage website for Sydney Hospitals. The website currently contains over 600 physiotherapy exercises appropriate for people with spinal cord injuries and other neurological conditions.

System Developer : Jan 2002 - Present, 9 Years

  1. Develop and manage system (C#, Ajax, ASP.NET 3.5, Sql Server 2005).
  2. Coordinate with team of physiotherapists around the country.
  3. Provide technical support and advice on what can be done.

  1. Development of initial website.
  2. Won the NSW Health Minister's Baxter Award for innovation in 2005.
  3. Redevelopment using ASP NET and AJAX, enabling more functionality for users.
  4. Recognition within the worldwide physiotherapy community.
  5. Due to high demand, website has been translated professionally into Norwegian, Chinese, Arabic, Vietnamese and Russian.
  6. Developed Iphone, Android, Windows phone, Silverlight versions of the program as a learning exercise and to see how they were received. Exceeded expectations.

CSC is a leading global consulting, systems integration and outsourcing company. They provide a wide range of business and IT consulting to many large businesses throughout Australia.

Team Leader/Programmer : May 2000 - August 2004, 4 years, 3 months

  1. Handover to support of key MS Access customer developed systems to CSC.
  2. Manage small team of developers.
  3. Develop and maintain range of applications for Port Kembla Steelworks.
  4. Seconded to work in Sydney on a critical defence project.

  1. Successfully transitioned Safety, Training and Tracking systems into support.
  2. Worked in small team, developing weapons systems interface and control for Navy helicopter.
  3. Developed automatic code generation process that saved several months of programming time and allowed the system to be developed within timeframe requirements.


BHP is a global mining and resources company. I worked at their Steelworks in Whyalla, South Australia.

Information Systems Coordinator : Oct 1998 - May 2000, 1 year, 7 months

  1. Commission Billet Caster Computer Systems.
  2. Develop logistics, models and details of transport and processing of product across plant and to Newcastle.
  3. Develop "best" practice running schedules for all sections of the plant to maximise utilisation and production.
  4. Develop scope and detail for the re-negotiation of contract for product transport, handling and storage.
  5. Manage team and contractors.

  1. Commissioned IT component of new plant on time and under budget.
  2. Developed scope and details for re-negotiation of materials handling contract, and achieved cost savings of more than 10%.
  3. Developed models to determine best practices for running the new plant.
  4. Developed transportation processes to minimise handling and enable rail transport to carry 40% more product.

Mill Feed Coordinator : Jul 1995 - Oct 1998, 3 years, 3 months

  1. Management of logistics and inventory
  2. Coordinate transportation of product within plant.
  3. Management and development of IT systems.

  1. Introduced effective tracking system, trained operators and organised contractors. Assisted in organisation of sale of excess product. Resulted in massive decrease in inventory (150,000 tonnes to 40,000 tonnes) and massive decrease in lost/scrap product (20,000 tonnes down to 100 tonnes).

Process Engineer : Jan 1993 - Jul 1995, 2 years, 7 months

  1. Improvement of processes throughout Steelmaking.

  1. Development of quality system and tracking, improving quality control of steel produced.